Vibration Exciter

APS Dynamics Inc. designs and manufactures mainly Long Stroke Vibration Exciters for the low frequency range. The ELECTRO-SEIS® shakers are available in two different configurations – ball bearing type shakers and air bearing type shakers.

The ball bearing shakers are used primarily for modal test excitation or environmental test applications in the low frequency range < 200 Hz. Although these shakers have a long stroke (158 mm) they are still portable. Thus APS ELECTRO-SEIS® shaker are ideal tools for testing of bridges, buildings or other objects outside a laboratory.

For sensor calibration applications or testing applications that require a smooth motion of the exciter, the APS Shakers feature air bearing armature guidance for exceptionally clean waveforms with wide dynamic range and very low cross-axis motion.


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Based on the 45 years of experience of APS Dynamics, we offer mobile shakers that exhibit their best performance in the low frequency range. Typical applications are modal testing of buildings, bridges and other large structures. Combined with SPEKTRA vibration controllers, complete systems are also available.