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Fotomontage Shaker

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APS DYNAMICS, INC. based in San Juan Capistrano, California specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing vibration systems for modal test excitation, low frequency calibration and component test. Products include ELECTRO-SEIS Long Stroke Shakers for modal excitation of structures and low frequency calibration of accelerometers and DUAL-MODE Voltage/Current Mode Power Amplifiers for driving shakers. The Company began operations in Anaheim, California in 1971 and moved to its present location in 2009.

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APS DYNAMICS products are used primarily for modal test excitation and vibration sensor calibration. Modal test excitation applications feature the long stroke capability of the ELECTRO-SEIS Shaker Series. Two basic sizes are offered: the Model 113 Series and the higher force Model 400. In addition, the Model 300 is offered for low force applications.


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A broad power range of DUAL-MODE Amplifiers featuring voltage or current mode operation are available, designed specifically to enhance the performance of the shakers. A variety of shaker accessories are offered to provide test application flexibility. These include Auxiliary Tables and Reaction Mass Assemblies.



APS Dynamics is a
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Vibration & Acoustics Systems Engineering

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APS Dynamics, Inc.

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