IMAC 2017

fahne-usa USA, Garden Grove, California

January 30th  - February 2nd 2017

IMAC - XXXV conference 2017

Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics

IMAC has evolved as the technology of structural dynamics has evolved and now includes a broad range of topics in structural dynamics from basic modal analysis and testing through non-linear dynamics and spanning applications from nano devices to full scale bridges and buildings. IMAC now touches almost all of the engineering disciplines: Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Aerospace, Electrical, Automotive, etc.

The theme for IMAC XXXV is ‘Structural Dynamics Challenges in Next Generation Aerospace Systems.’ The performance demands on aerospace structures drives many of the technologies associated with our conference.In addition to topics associated with our theme, this Call for Papers offers the traditional general topics associated with IMAC as well as topic developed by our technical divisions.

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