VCS 401


Controlled Excitation of ELECTRO-SEIS® Long Stroke Shakers

The VCS 401 is a powerful, modular and flexible vibration control system. It is based on the compact and worldwide available National Instruments PXI hardware, suitable for industrial applications. It supplies an excellent solution for complex multichannel test systems e.g. with APS ELECTRO-SEIS® Long Stroke Shakers as vibration exciters.

Main Features

  • Operation modes sine, random, shock, sine over random,
    resonance (search & dwell), time signal replication
  • Frequency range 0.1 Hz up to 50 kHz (sine)
  • Up to eight drive and control channels
  • Synchronous excitation, with adjustable phase shift (sine)
  • Individual excitation of some or all channels
  • Scalable number of measurement channels
  • Real time data acquisition, transmission, recording
  • Simple flexible remote control by DLL, Ethernet, VI or COM/DCOM



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