APS 145


800 VA Power Amplifier specifically designed for APS ELECTRO-SEIS® Long Stroke Shakers

The APS 145 DUAL-MODE Power Amplifier is designed specifically to provide drive power for electrodynamic vibration exciter type APS 400.
If connected with a specfic cable that controls the internal current limiter of the amplifier via an encoded connector, the APS 400 exciter coil is protected against a current overload.

Main Features

  • 800 VA power output
  • Voltage and Current mode
  • Adjustable current limiter for exciter protection
    (an APS shaker communicates with an APS amplifier to set an appropriate current limit automatically)
  • Remote controlable drive signal 'Mute'
  • Optional input signals for overtravel protection or over heating
    (sensors in the shaker send signal to amplifier in order to swtich it off in case of overtravel/overheating)

The APS 125 substitutes the older type APS 144.

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