APS 125

APS 125

500 VA Power Amplifier specifically designed for APS ELECTRO-SEIS® Long Stroke Shakers

The APS 125 DUAL-MODE Power Amplifier is designed specifically to provide drive power for electrodynamic shaker types APS 113, APS 129 and APS 500.
Specfic cables are available for the different exciter types that control the internal current limiter of the amplifier via an encoded connectors. Once a vibration exciter is connected to an APS 125 amplifier with the appropriate cable, the exciter coil is protected against a current overload.


Main Features

  • 500 VA power output
  • Voltage and Current mode
  • Adjustable current limiter for exciter protection
    (an APS shaker communicates with an APS amplifier to set an appropriate current limit automatically)
  • Remote controlable drive signal 'Mute'
  • Optional input signals for overtravel protection or over heating
    (sensors in the shaker send signal to amplifier in order to swtich it off in case of overtravel/overheating)

The APS 125 substitutes the older types APS 114 and APS 124.

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