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APS DYNAMICS products are used primarily for modal test excitation and vibration sensor calibration. Modal test excitation applications feature the long stroke capability of the ELECTRO-SEIS Shaker Series. Two basic sizes are offered: the Model 113 Series and the higher force Model 400. In addition, the Model 300 is offered for low force applications.


For sensor calibration applications, the APS DYNAMICS Long Stroke Shakers feature Air Bearing armature guidance for exceptionally clean waveforms with wide dynamic range and very low cross-axis motion. Two basic models are offered: the Model 129 for heavy test loads and the Model 500 for higher frequency, higher g-levels. For low displacement, higher frequency applications, the Model 300-C Portable Shaker-Amplifier is offered.




APS Dynamics is a
subsidiary of SPEKTRA
Vibration & Acoustics Systems Engineering

SPEKTRA Vibration & Acoustics Systems Engineering

Systems for Generating Controlled Vibration

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