SPEKTRA calibration system at US Government

Last week APS Dynamics and SPEKTRA completed the installation and testing of an innovative seismic sensor calibration system at a US Government test and calibration laboratory. The lab had been struggling to find an effective solution for testing the various large and oddly-shaped sensors used to perform seismic calibrations. The SPEKTRA CS18P VLF very low frequency calibration system, utilizing the APS 129 air bearing low frequency shaker for horizontal calibrations and the SE-13 air bearing low frequency shaker for vertical calibrations, was the ideal solution. The CS18P VLF system offers the ability to test large seismic sensors, some weighing up to 50 kilograms. To reduce measurement uncertainty, the CS18P VLF utilizes a laser vibrometer for making high-precision measurements across the frequency range. The APS 129 and SE-13 shakers are air bearing shakers that offer excellent isolation from outside noise and interference.

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