APS at Navcon Seminar

APS Dynamics was a proud supporter of Navcon Engineering’s Porsche Race Car Modal training session today during the Hands-On Modal Testing Seminar. This unique hands-on seminar provides training on modal testing methods and applications, presents modal theory from the experimentalist’s point of view, and requires attendees to acquire their own data and conduct their own analysis. In summary, the seminar helps attendees to plan, setup and conduct a modal test from start to finish. The APS 400 ELECTRO-SEIS long stroke low frequency shaker provides the excitation to the Porsche 930 or 916 race car and helps to demonstrate the random, burst random, chirp, and burst chirp shaker excitation methods. APS discussed the Voltage mode and Current mode operation of the APS DUAL-MODE power amplifiers used with the APS shakers, features that have special significance when performing modal tests with minimal damping. The Navcon Hands-On Modal Testing Seminars are held several times each year and are held at Navcon’s offices in Fullerton, CA.

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